Planning an event in the Winnipeg Area? Book the Mirror Photo Booth for your next party!

Featuring a large, high-definition touchscreen display it's perfect for:

Baby Showers
Bachelor(ette) Parties
Trade Shows

Our Selfie Mirror Photo Booth is the hottest rental in the photo booth industry. The interactive mirror seamlessly combines the classic charm of a traditional photobooth with the sleek aesthetics of a modern smartphone. Create memories with friends in a fun and effortless way!

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Selfie Station Photo Booth in Winnipeg
Selfie Station Photo Booth in Winnipeg

Instant Photo Prints

Our Mirror Photobooth offers wide range of possibilities when it comes to print sizes and unique templates.

With our customizable layouts, you can add personalized text, graphics, or event branding to each print, making them truly one-of-a-kind. From elegant designs for weddings to playful themes for birthdays, our Selfie Station Photobooth allows you to tailor the prints to match the style and ambiance of your event.

The combination of different print sizes and customized templates ensures that each guest leaves with a cherished keepsake.

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Share Photos & Videos

Preserve your precious memories digitally by instantly sending photos to yourself by a text message or via email, you can also share on Social Media.

Capture the spirit of fun with ANIMATED GIFs, where a series of photos are transformed into a captivating loop of motion.

Take it a step further with BOOMERANGS, creating short, exciting clips that play forward and backward in a continuous loop, capturing those playful moments in an endless cycle.

And for those seeking a longer-lasting memory, our photobooth even allows you to record VIDEOS, preserving the moment in full motion.

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Selfie Station Photo Booth in Winnipeg - animated GIFs
Selfie Station Photo Booth in Winnipeg

Have Fun With Props!

Enhance your photos with an extensive range of digital props, including hats, glasses, funny accessories, and whimsical overlays that can be added directly to the images with a simple touch on the mirror's interface.

Take your creativity a step further by exploring our collection of physical props, carefully curated to suit various themes and occasions. From quirky hats and silly masks to boas and signs, these tangible props add an extra layer of fun and spontaneity to your photos.

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